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Sandy Hill Cemetery Transcriptions

Sandy Hill Cemetery Transcription of Those Whose Bodies Were Never Claimed

We’ve all heard there was a burying ground in the Sandy Hill area of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in the mid 1800’s. The burying ground was moved in the early 1870’s and the bodies were re-buried at other cemeteries, Beechwood Cemetery and Notre Dame Cemetery just to name a couple. The area where the old burying ground was became known as MacDonald Park. One day in the early 1900’s, a terrified boy ran by a man walking his dog. The boy was crying. When the dog-walker asked the boy what is wrong, the boy merely pointed in a direction behind the man. The man turned and looked to see a bigger boy coming at the other boy with a skull in his hand. The man asked the bigger boy where he got such a thing, and the boy answered there were lots in the ground in MacDonald Park, and “I have nine more like this at home. Would you like me to get you one?” It was a known fact to the people of the area that bodies whom nobody claimed were known to come to the surface from time to time. Coffins and bones were re-buried. What happened to the grave markers that were at Sandy Hill?

Below are the names of people that were once buried at the Sandy Hill cemetery up to 1873 and whose bodies were not claimed by anyone when it was time to close down the cemetery. Either the family could not afford to move them, didn’t want to, or had moved out of the area. Sometimes the surviving family members were no longer surviving, and so there was just no one to claim the deceased. This information comes from the City of Ottawa archives. If I put in any notes myself, they will appear in red font, or highlighted in yellow. This information is being recorded for your use as well as my own. I put a question mark at the end of the word if I could not make it out for sure, and in the middle of words when I could not make out the letters.
You’ll read about
• the woman who was pregnant at the time of her husband’s death, and then even her baby died not a year after it’s birth. Makes you wonder if the husband had lived, if life would have been better for her, and the baby might have lived.
• The father who was left with all the children to raise.
• The family who lost children in different towns over the years. So “In Memory…”does not always mean the body is beneath the stone, merely a memorial to those who can’t be here with the living.
• The parents who lost 3 children in 30 days.
• How the common practice at the time was to list the military rank of the men connected to the deceased, on the deceased’s head stone.


10. AGNEW, Eliza, In memory of Eliza Agnew, the beloved and deeply lamented wife of Chas. ARMSTRONG, Esq., who departed this life on 20th day of October, 1845, age 29 years.

35. ALLEN, Margaret, Sacred to the memory of Margaret Allen, relict of late John ROBERTS, Kintr???, Scotland, died 1866 aged 71 years.

54 ALLEN, Rachel, Died July 15, 1870, aged 15 yrs. Dearest sister thou hast left us. Here thy loss we deeply feel. When the day of life is fled?

63 ALDERMAN, William, Died Aug. 1st , 1872, age 35 yrs. Erected by his wife Anne.

125 ARMSTRONG, Jesse, Beloved husband of Margaret Armstrong, died Aug. 23, 1864, aged 23 years, 11 mos. 24 days. Also his son George, died Aug. 25, 1865 aged 8 mos and 23 days.

124 ARMSTRONG, Peter, Born at Maski??ge, June 23, 1800 died at Ottawa, Sept. 23, 1863, also his son Charles, born at Fitzroy Harbour, April 24 1844, died at By Town, Oct. 10, 1848.

4 BURGESS, Thomas, In memory of Thomas Burgess, who died May 28?, 1836, age 38 years.

12 BURTON, Maria, Daughter of B. and S. Burton, 1st. Batt. Rifle Brigade, died Aug 15, 1869? Age 7 mos. 25 days. Suffer little ………of God.

37 BELL, Margaret, Sacred to the memory of Margaret Bell, who departed this life Oct. 18, 1843. Also her two grandchildren Margaret Jane and James Johnson Bell.

39 BALFOUR , Elizabeth, Relict of late John BEDARD, died July 10th 1871, age 69 years. Also their daughter Josephine Victoria Isabel, died Feb. 19th, 1854, age 1 year 6 days.

41 BURNS, Harriet, In memory of Harriet Burns, wife of Patrick BEDINGTON, died Jan. 6, 1867, age 30 years. My husband dear, my life is past. My love for you so long did last, Grieve no more, no sorrow take, but love our children for our sake.

49 BAYNE, Margery S., In memory of Margery S. Bayne, wife of Wm. POLLOCK, died Nov. 11 1857, age 34 years.

56 BAKER, Annie, Wife of Wm. Baker, Capt. Royal Artillery, died 24th Oct. 1851, age 65.

57 BAKER, George W. Jr., Sacred to the memory of George W. Baker, who departed this life at By Town, May 25, 1853, age 28 yrs. 9 mos.

75 BRUNNING, William, In memory of William Brunning, a native of We?haston?, Suffolk, England, died Nov. 28, 1867, 67 yrs.

73. BERBRIDGE, Edward, In memory of Edward Borbridge, who departed this life on 6th Jan., 1850 age 34 years, He is gone but why should we repine??, God, of his unbounded love. Takes him away from this fair shrine??, To sparkle in the courts above.

82 BLYTHE, Robert, Sacred to the memory of Robert Blythe, a native of Kennoway?, Ayrshire, who departed this life Jan. 26, 1854, aged 66 years.

85 BROWNLEE, Jesse, Sacred to the memory of Jesse Brownlee, beloved wife of Mathew HERON, died April 8, 1862, age 29 years.

91 BAWDER, Elizabeth J., Died May 5, 1850, , age 2 yrs. 4 mos.

99 BRAY, John Robert, Son of John and Matilda Bray, died January 9, 1862, age 2 years, 8 mos.

133 BAKER, John, Sacred to the memory of John Baker, died January 11, 1865, aged 65 years, Fanny, his wife, died Dec. 11, 1865, aged 62 years. John, infant son of John and Jane MILLS, died July 31, 1865, age 4 mos.

143 BRASDELL, Melissa E., Sacred to the memory of Melissa E. Brasdell, daughter of Thos. M. and Charlotte Brasdell, was born Mar. 15, 1840, died Mar. 14, 1852. Weep not for her; by fleet or slow decay, It never grieved her bosom’s care to mark, The playmates of her childhood wane away, Her prospects within and her hopes grew dark. Translated by her God with spirit shriven?, she passed as t’were in smiles from earth to heaven.

68 BORTHWICK, Sacred to the memory of Jean Taylor, died Aug. 5, 1860, age 2 mos. And Hugh Jamieson, died Feb. 23, 1861, age 2 yrs., 7 mos., children of Hugh and Marion Borthwick, New Edinburgh.

145 BLASDELL, George, In memory of George, son of N. S. and H. Blasdell, who died May 11 1834, aged 7 yrs. 4 mos., 11 days.

148 BLASDELL, Nathaniel, In memory of Nathaniel Blasdell, born Shoreham, VT., Sept. 20, 1801, died at Ottawa, Nov. 12, 1870.

163 BLAIR, Archibald, Erected by Robert LAW, in memory of Archibald Blair, died June 21, 1861, aged 29 years. A native of county of Antrim, Ireland.

64 BROWN, In memory of Elizabeth Jane, who died Nov. 15th, 1851, aged 4 yrs, Also Joseph, died July 30th, 1857, aged 20 years, children of Thomas and Eliza Brown.

1 COWAN, Sarah, Wife of John Cowan, who departed this life Aug. 14, 1846, age 52 yrs. Also in memory of Jane Cowan wife of William Cowan, who departed this life May 9, 1849, aged 23 years. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.
This means Sarah was born c.1794.

18 CARTWRIGHT, A., See # 15.

21 CARMICHAEL, Mary E., Sacred to the memory of Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Hugh Carmichael, Gatineau Mills, Chelsea, who departed this life 22nd July, 1845, aged 1 year and 7 mos.


46, CHRISTIANA, Grace, In memory of Grace Christiana, died in Picton, Canada West, Oct. 9, 1834, age 2 days, Interred in Adolphustown, Canada West. Cumming, died Dec 2, 1851, age 3 days. Florence Merley died in Renfrew, Canada West, Sept. 11th, 1858, aged 2 years. Children of Roderick and Christiana.
There are also interred here five still born children and one grandchild, the daughter of John A. and Christiana H. CODD

93 CARR, Mary, Wife of Adam BICHLER?, died Feb. 17, 1860, age 22 years.

95 CLEVERLEY, John, Died Aug. 19, 1865, age 52 years. Also his wife Elizabeth , died Jan. 21, 1867, aged 48 years. “Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord”

103 COOK, Robert, Sacred to the memory of Robert Cook, County Derry, Ireland, who died 18th November 1848, aged 25 years. Also his father , Robert Cook, who died 21st Jan., 1849, age 54. I will ransom thee from the power of the dead, I will redeem thee from the grave.

106 COX, Sarah, Sacred to the memory of Sarah Cox, who departed this life Sept. 26, 1847, age 29 yrs.

62 COULSON, G. D., George Douglas, a son of G. A. Coulson, died June 5th, 1866, age 6 yrs.

113 CALDER, Alex., Sacred to the memory of Alex. Calder, a native of Aberdeen, Scotland, who died 25th Jan., 1870, age 51 years. Also in memory of Elizabeth Calder, who died Oct. 10, 1842, aged 3 mos., and J. H. Calder, died June 10, 1862, age 18 ½ years.

123 CUMMING, J. T., In memory of , died Aug. 22¸1832, age 42 years. Also Richard T. Cumming, 4th son of above, died Dec. 27, 1850, age 19 years.

131 CAMPBELL, Meta., wife of Thomas Campbell who died Aug. 6, 1868.

144 COBB, Harriet, Sacred to the memory of Harriet Cobb, wife of N. S. Blasdell, who departed this life Dec. 25, 1852, age 48 years 7 mos.

17 DAY, F. See No. 15

47 DANFELD?, Dr. Thomas, Sacred to the memory of Dr. Thomas Danfeld, who fell asleep in Jesus, May 4, 1866, age 58 years, a native of Dumfries, Scotland. As for me I will behold thy ???? in righteousness, I shall be satisfied when I awake with they likeness.

26 DICKENSON, Alex Fischer, died Feb. 8, 1868, age 3 years. Lewis Hampton, died Feb. 16, 1868, aged 4 ½ yrs. Maria Maria Louisa died March 3, 1868, age 6 ¼ years. Children of W. and Mary Dickenson.
Maria’s name is repeated in the minutes. Transcription error or a reality?

61 DYNELY, Mary F., Sacred to memory of Mary Frederics Dynely, daughter of Edward Law, Lord Kilenborough, Chief Justice King’s bench, and wife of Col. Thomas , C. B., commanding Royal Artillery in Canada. She expired at Bytown after a few days illness Sept. 16, 1851, age 55 years.

78 DEWAR, Peter, In memory of Peter Dewar, died at Ottawa, Aug. 19, 1865, aged 64 years.

2 FITZGIBBON, Louisa, Sacred to the memory of Louisa Fitzgibbon, wife of James Black, who died at Bytown Mar. 27, 1829, in the 30th year of her age. To the remembrance of a loving wife, deeply regretted, greatly loved in life. A husband’s fond affections consecrate their sad memory of her early fate.

3 FITZGIBBON, James, In memory of James Fitzgibbon, Royal Engineer Dept., died Dec 5, 1868, age 79 years.

34 FOOTE, Mary Ann, Beloved wife of Emmanuel Letrers??, who died May 31, 1864. So teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts to wisdom.

38 FENTON, Eliza, Beloved wife of George BELL, died Feb. 8, 1861, age 33 yrs. Also her children, Rawling George, died Sept. 23, 1858, age 3 mos. And 15 days, and A. C. Fenton, died Aug. 17, 1861, age 6 mos., 20 days “Ere sin could blight or – (See No. 40).

81 FISHER, Daniel, Sacred to the memory of Daniel Fisher, a native of Perthshire, Scotland, who departed this life Sept. 3rd, 1832, age 33. Requescat in pace.

107 FRASER, Margaret, In memory of Margaret Fraser, wife of Samuel Fraser, who died Jan. 24, 1839, age 58 years. Also Mary beloved wife of William Fraser, who departed this life Dec. 11, 1858, age 35 years, and 5 mos and George, William George and Maria, three children, who died in January. Laurels may flourish round the conqueror’s tomb, But happiest they who win the world to come, Eternal triumphs crown their toils, and all these triumphs Mac?? Now are thine.

138 FIELD, Alonzo, In memory of Alonzo Field, who died July 23, 1867, age 26 years

14 GARDNER, Mary Eliza, Daughter of W. and M. Gardner, 1st Batt. Rifle brigade, died Dec. 28, 1867, age 1 yr., 8 mos.

58 GLYN, James R. C., Sacred to the memory of James Robert Carr Glyn, Rifle Brigade and Ellen, his wife, born July 18, died Aug. 7, 1863. The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away.

89 GRAHAM, William, Died 9th of July 1871¸age 46 years. His wife Mary Lillie, died 22nd Nov. 1871, age 36 yrs.

96 GRAHAM, J. C., In memory of Jove_____ died _____ 1865. Also, J. C. Graham, died 29th Aug., 1863, 16 mos.
The blank lines above are actually in the original transcription.

114 GREEN, Ann, Sacred to the memory of Ann Green, Wife of Alex Gray, born May 23rd, 1803, at Wenborne, Dorsetshire, England, died March 1850 at Toronto, Canada West, age 46 years. Death is the messenger of Peace that calls the soul to heaven.

119 GOUCH, Alfred, Sacred to the memory of Alfred, Son of Henry and Amelia Gouch, died Nov. 26, 1862, age 4 yrs., 16 days. Suffer little _____God.

128 GARLAND, Patrick, Sacred to the memory of Patrick Garland, who departed this life Aug. 1st, 1847, age 40 years., also his children Mary and Edward. The righteous hath hope in death.

80 GRANT, Hugh, Sacred to the memory of Hugh Grant, son of Capt. Alex Grant of Glengarry, who died April 1st, 1848, age 43 years.

134 GARDHAM, John, In memory of John Gardham, died June 27, 1868, age 44 years. Also his wife’s sister, Mary STEPHENS, died Aug. 10, 1867, age 22 years.

146 GREGORY, Christiana, In memory of Christiana wife of Samuel Gregory, died July 30, 1849, age 31 years.

158 GOUCH, Henry, In memory of Henry Gouch Brickmaker, Ottawa. Native of Slough, Buckinghamshire, England.

162 GOODWIN, John, Sacred to the memory of John Goodwin, 7th son of Alex. Goodwin of McNab, who died of cholera July 6, 1854., age 27 years.

20 HAWKINS, C, see #15

15 HAMBRIDGE, Edward, In memory of Edward Hambridge, William TAYLOR, George CHALK, Wm. GIBBS, A. C. CARTWRIGHT, William WATTERIDGE, Robert MASS, Frederick DAY, George FLOYD, Cornelius HAWKENS of 1st Battalion, Rifle Brigade, died in Ottawa, erected by comrades 1869.
25 HAMILTON, Susan, Their sister who died September 5, 1868, aged 9 mos.


50 HALPENNY, Jane, Jane beloved wife of William Halpenny, died Aug 20, 1855, aged 4 ½ years. The shock reached every heart, Some followed hard, some follow now, And all will soon depart.

66 HANSUM, Minnie C., Minnie Elizabeth daughter of J. M. T. and Elizabeth Hansum, died Aug. 28 1863, age 6 mos. And 19 days.

67 HUMBER, Mary, In memory of Mary Humber, wife of David MILLAR, died Dec. 1, 1867, age 30 years.

70 HENEY, Departed this life Feb., age 97 years. Also Sarah Heney, his wife, died 87 years, and Jane Heney, daughter, died Sept. 6, 1843, age 31 years. Also James Heney, grandson and son of Heney Jr., 1863.

84 HERON, Gilbert, Sacred to memory of Gilbert Heron, a native of Ayrshire, Scotland, who died Dec 19, 1850, age 65 years. Also to memory of Isabella Knox Brownlee, beloved wife of John Heron, who died Feb. 6, 1855, age 27 years.

101 HENRY, Mary, Sacred to memory of Mary, wife of Thomas Henry, who died Dec. 9, 1850, age 22 years. Also T. J. Henry his son, who died Aug. 13, 1851, age 11 mos.

117 HODGES, Francis, In memory of Francis Hodges, died Nov. 13, 1868, age 80 years.

120 HAWKINS, Rodger, Sacred to memory of Rodger Hawkins, who departed this life Oct. 11 1855, age 64 years.

127 HELY, Robina, Sacred to the memory of Robina, beloved wife of F. B. Hely, who expired Dec 23rd, 1860, aged 27 years. Also of their dear children, George Delacy, died December 31st, 1859, age 5 years, and 9 mos., and Edith Maria Louisa, died Feb. 14, 1860, aged 9 mos.

137 HUGHES, William Charles, Died April 2nd 1869, aged 13 mos. And 7 days. Weep not for me, my parents dear, I am not dead but sleeping here. Short in our time, long in our rest. To call me home God thought it best.

149 HALL, Jane, The grave of Jane Hall, died Aug. 27th, 1863, age 10 yrs.

48 JONES, T. A., To the memory of T. A. Jones, brother of the firm Jones & Co., Newport, Monmouthshire. We shall meet again.

92 JOHNSTON, William F., In memory of William F., son of William and Hannah Johnston, who was drowned in Ottawa, Aug. 5, 1861, aged 8 years.
116 JONES, Albert Thomas, In memory of Albert Thomas, son of William and Elizabeth Jones, died Jan., 1860.

132 JOHNSON, Mary, To the memory of Mary Johnson, wife of William Elliot (North Gower) who died Oct. 14th, 1860, aged 60 years. Native of Lietrim, Ireland.

53 KINRADE, Robert, Sacred to the memory of Robert Kinrade, died 24th of March, 1854, aged 60 years. Erected by his affectionate wife Jane Kinrade.

71 KIRK, Catherine, Sacred to memory of Catherine Kirk, the beloved wife of Thomas Kirk, who died April 27, 1854, aged 71.

156 KNOX, William, In memory of William Knox, died June 9th 1870, aged 32 years and 9 mos.

7 LEHMANN, J. F., Sacred to the memory of J. P. Lehmann, a native of Germany, organist of Christ Church, Bytown, died May 10th, 1850, aged 55. Hech nicht greterben? (German). This stone is erected by a numerous circle of friends.

94 LITTLE, John, In memory of John Little, who departed this life May 5th, 1854, aged 24 years. Jane Little, born 19th April 1864, died 16 June 1851.
Clearly a typo in her birth and death years.

157 LITTLE, John, In memory of John Little, a native of Monaghan, Ireland, who departed this life Dec. 8th, 1844, aged 47 years. Erected by his widow and family, 1846.

24 F. A. C. M.

27 MARTIN, Nellie Mary, In memory of Nellie Mary, wife of Dr. Oliver Martin, dentist, died April 19th, 1866, aged 22.

29 MASTERS, James,
CARSWELL, William,
HADDON, William,
Sacred to the memory of James Masters, late of 15th Company of Sappers and Miners who departed this life Dec. 1st 1827, aged 20 years, also to the memory of William Carswell, late of the same company, who departed this life June 8th , 1829, aged 23 years, also to the memory of William Haddon, late of 7th Company Royal Sappers and Miners, who departed this life April 20th, 1830, aged 25 years.

33 Macauley, George II, Sacred to the memory of George II, Macauley, Speaker’s Sec., House of Commons, born Quebec, May 11th, 1831, died at Montebello, July 7th 1871, aged 37 yrs.

40 Murphy, Thomas, In memory of Thomas Murphy, Sr., King’s County, Ireland, who died May 12th, 1833, aged 54 years. Also William, son of William and Sarah Murphy, died Feb 16th, 1842, aged 14 mos. _____ this silent marble weeps , A beloved child and parent sleeps, They lived in peace and pardon blest, And now enjoy eternal rest.

44 Murphy, Eliza Jane, In memory of Eliza Jane Murphy, wife of George Keating, died Mar. 29th, 1861, age 23 yrs. The light of her young life went down, As sinks behind the hill, The glory of a setting star, Clear, suddenly and still. Fold her, Oh father, in thine arms, And let her henceforth be A messe;nger of love between Our human hearts and thee.

50 Murphy, Henry, Sacred to memory of the late Henry Murphy, who departed this life Sep. 5th, A. D. 1854, aged 34 yrs.

51 Murphy, Godfrey, Sacred top the memory of Godfrey
Murphy, William, Murphy who departed this life July 5th, A. D. 1857, aged 18 years, and 6 mos., also William Murphy who departed this life Nov. 10th, 1866, aged 56 yrs.

65 Mutchmore, J. R., In memory of Jonathan E. Mutchmore, died Sept. 1st, 1866, age 52 years.

76 Millar, Ann Jane, Ann Jane, wife of A. T. Millar, died April 19th, 1870, aged 25 yrs. And 4 mos. She has gone to heaven before us, But she turns and waves her hand, Pointing to the glory o’er us, In that happy spirit land.

100 Morison,, James Allen, In memory of James Allen Morison, who departed this life June 20th, 1865, aged 42 years.

105 Montgomery, Robert, To the memory of Robert Montgomery, died June 26th, 1853, aged 18 yrs. Elizabeth Montgomery, died Sept. 13th , 1858, 8 years. William Montgomery, died Nov. 30th, aged 1 yr.

108 Meikle, Janet, In memory of Janet Meikle, born May 14, 1851, died Oct. 24th, 1853, Also Thomas Meikle, born May 30, 1853, died Nov. 24th , 1856.

109 Meikle, Agnes, In memory of Agnes Meikle, who died at New Edinborough, Jan. 13th, 1860, age 9 years and 8 mos. Of such is the kingdom of heaven.

155 Murphy, Thomas, In memory of Thomas Murphy, who departed this life Aug. 3rd, 1871, aged 58 yrs., a native of King’s county, Ire.

5 McBean, Amelia, Amelia M. McBean, wife of S. C. Keir, died Oct. 14, 1869

42 McCloy, Andrew, Sacred to the heart of the late Andrew McCloy, who departed this life Dec. 25th , A. D. 1830, aged 29 years.

74 MacNab, Anna, Sacred to the memory of Anna Petrella MacNab, who died May 19th, 1837, aged 3 yrs. I shall go to her but she shall not return to me. And of her father Duncan Rynier MacNab, eldest son of Col. MacNab, late of the 91st regiment, who died Aug 2nd 1837, aged 36 years. Let me died the death of the righteous, and let my last end be like his.

85 MCLEAN, Alex, died April 22nd, 1856, aged 52 years, Also Margaret, his wife.

110 MCINTOSH, Margaret, In memory of Margaret, Wife of Alex. McIntosh, died Jan. 9th, 1853. aged 40 years. Also their two infants. Alex. McIntosh, died Jan. 9th, 1865, aged 62 years.

139 MCLAUGHLIN, Michael M. McLaughlin, died Nov. 25, 1851, aged 45 years.
The death year could easily be 1861, copy is so blurry.

140 MCCALL, Duncan, Sacred to the memory of Duncan McCall, died June 7, 1872, aged 25 years. Thy will be done.

141 MCDONALD, Jessie, Died April 10, 1872, age 36 years.

147 MCARTHUR, W. Geo., In memory of William George McArthur, died Aug. 24, 1863, age 31 years.
The death year, it could be as early as 1813.

160 MCQUARRIE, Donald, In memory of Donald McQuarrie, formerly of _____ Scotland, who died in Protestant Hospital, Nov. 17, 1859, age 67 years.

126 OMAND, John, Three Rivers, died Jan. 1873 age 20 years.

33 PORTER, John, Died Apr. 19, 1858, age 65 years. Elizabeth Donell, wife of John Porter, died July 13, 1847, age 52. John Porter Jr., died Aug. 22nd, 1841, age 24. Thos. Porter, died Oct. 10, 1843, age 14 yrs.

143 PHAIR, George¸ In memory of George Phair, who departed this life Jan. 28, 1859, age 24 yrs., and John Phair departed this life Mar. 17, 1859, age 28 years.

72 PARSONS, William, Sacred to the memory of William Parsons, who departed this life Jan 16, 1850, age 72 years. His son Robert, died Jan. 6, 1872, age 41 years.

102 PARK, Robert, Sacred to the memory of Robert Park and Hannah, his wife, who departed this life, the former on 8th Dec. 1838, age 70 years, and the latter on 19th Feb. 1854, age 88 years.

36 ROWAT, William, In memory of William, infant son of John and Agnes Rowat who expired on July 7, 1846, age 1 yr, 5 mos.

45, RIMMER, Mary, Sacred in memory of Mary, the dearly loved and eldest child of late J. W. Rimmer, Esq., who died Aug. 17, 1870, aged 5 years. Fare thee well thou lovely stranger, Guardian Angels take you charge, Freed so soon from pain and danger, Happy spirit set at large.

55 ROW, John, Erected by his affectionate wife to the memory of John Row of Cornwall, who was killed by an accident in machinery in New Ed. Mills, June 25, 1850, age 29 years and with him rest the remains of his infant children, also his brother Thos. Row, who departed this life May 3, 1848, age 20 years.

112 RAITT, John, Sacred to the memory of John Raiit, a native of Fifeshire, Scotland.

154 ROGERS, Ben. P., Died Aug. 9, 1870, aged 19 ½ years.

158 ROBERTS, John & Jesse, John and Jesse Roberts died Oct. 16, 1870, age 7 ½ mos. Darling Jamie in our sweetest memories, thou will never be forgot.
I can’t help but wonder if the transcriber erred and typed Jamie instead of Jesse.

16 STEWART, Serg. Robert, Band 1st Batt., F. C. O., died July 15, 1868, age 34 years, 6 mos., erected by his brother non-commissioned officer and the band as a last tribute of esteem and respect.

22 STEPELBEN, Joseph A., In memory of Joseph A. Stepelben, died drowning in Ottawa River, on 1st May 1871, age 5 years, 4 mos.

77 SMILLIE, Ellen, Ellen Smillie died Apr. 19, 1859, age 15 years, 7 mos.

79 SUNK, M. & D., Margaret died Feb. 20, 1866 age 12 ½ years, David died Feb. 25, 1866, age 2 years and 3 mos., children of T. & T. Sunk.

85 STEWART, Janet¸ Sacred to the memory of Janet, wife of Alex Steward, who died April 7, 1851, age 33 years, also 2 of her children who died in infancy.

50 STOCKDALE, W. E., Died Nov. 30, 1859, age 1 yr., 1 month, and 8 days.

98 SMITH, Jesse, Died Jan. 15th 1851, age 20 years.

115 SMITH, James, In memory of James Smith, who departed this life Nov. 23, 1844, age 30 years, erected by his wife Ann Smith.

135, STEWART, Robt., Sacred to memory of Robert Stewart, formerly of Belfast, Ireland, died Feb. 13, 1871, age 45 years, his son St. John Morrison Robert, died Aug. 20, 1871, age 7 mos. and 21 days.

159 SOMERVILLE, David, died Sept. 28, 1868, age 30 years.

9 TEY, James, Died May 17, 1847, age 1 yr. Charles died Jan. 14, 1848, age 9 days, Sophia, Dec. 15, 1855, age 1 yr. Children of Charles and Elizabeth Tey.
THOMPSON, Frances J., Francis John, son of Lt.-Col. F. Sinclair Thompson R. O., born 24th Jan., died 8th May 1847. Ere sin could blight, or sorrow fade, death came with friendly cure, to heaven the opening bud conveyed, that it might blossom there.
Possibly another transcription error with Frances and Francis.


60 TOMPKINS, Peter, Erected by Peter Tompkins in memory of his beloved son Peter Tompkins, who departed this life Feb. 27, 1855, age 19 years, also Sarah Carter, wife of Peter Tompkins died Sept. 1, 1868, age 66 years. Peter Tompkins, Sr., native of County Wicklow, Ireland, died 11th March, 1870. age 76 years.

69 THOMSON, Francis, Sacred to memory of Francis Thomson, born at Dundas, Scotland, 21st Nov. 1818, drowned Rideau Canal at Bytown, 18th Oct. 1852.

118 TIE, John and Sophia died Dec. 16, 1860, age 3 weeks. Catherine died March 1, 1864, age 5 weeks. William James died March 15, 1865, age 2 mos. Children of John Tie.

150 TRAVELLER, Reuben, A native of London, England, departed this life Feb. 14, 1861, age 73 years. When Nelson fought at Trafalgar and fell, This ship boy was afloat in active service, Mid logging calms, light breezes and stiff gales, Hymned Debden’s songs and buffeted the waves, Throughout the drama of a lengthened life. Mid ocean waves, that was Ethopian shores, As when he roughed it on the ocean seas, While Mur’dros warfare waged in troublous times, T’was his to tell, Since then in various climes, and various ways, Shared fickle fortunes favors, Sinking mid quicksands, stranded upon rocks, By trade winds borne – by eastern scenery fed, Drenched by the spray of breakers, sun ahead. Now heedless of what currents, winds and tides, His watch and ward below waiting the whistle, Call to rigout, stud sails, lower and aloft, To range in grand review time then no more, Worlds on worlds, the witness of Christ the Lord, The one despised, despairing? righteous judgement.
His body was moved to Hull, Quebec.

152 THOMPSON, Jas. G. C., Sacred to the memory of James G. C. Thompson, born at Edinborough, Scotland, Nov. 18, 1840, died at Ottawa April 1, 1873.

6 WORKMAN, Florence, daughter of Sam and Mary Anne Workman, died Oct. 8, 1858, age 3 years.

8 WEBBER, Elizabeth, Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Aitken Webber (of London, England) beloved wife of Charles Webber, (of the Bank of B. N. A. of this city), who departed this life Jan 25, 1855, age 24 years. Beast not thyself of tomorrow for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.

13 WILD, Alice, daughter of John and Jane, died Aug. 6, 1868, aged 10 mos.


52 WILLIAMSON, Mary, In the memory of Mary Williamson, who died Dec. 14, 1848, age 6 years 8 mos. Also of Margaret Williamson, who died Jan. 4, 1849, age 14 years, 4 mos. and 4 days. Father and mother weep not for me, For as I am, so must you be.

83 WHILLANS, Sacred to memory of Barbara Oliver, beloved wife of Robert Whillans, who departed this life Sept. 23, 1855, age 74 years. Robert Whillans died Sept. 11, 1861, age 82 years.

104 WIGHT, John, Died Aug. 7, 1834, age 37 years. Native of Banffshire, Scotland.

121 WILKS, John Wesley, Departed 17th Jan. 1869, age 7 years.

122 WILLMENT, George, Died Mar. 20, 1864, age 74 years, a native of Sorrel, Canada East.

128 WESTLE, Jemima A., Died July 17, 1856.

151 WHITE, born at Goderich, Canada West, July 22, 1854, drowned in Rideau River, May 28, 1873.

A. B., - near lot 57

E. B. B. – near lot 57 – possibly Elizabeth Baker mentioned below.

G. W. B. – near lot 57 – possibly George W. Baker mentioned below.

BAKER, Sacred to the memory of Fanny Cole, infant daughter of George W. and Kate Baker, who died at Hamilton, Mar. 26, 1853, age 4 mos. – near lot 57

BAKER, Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Brickenden, infant daughter of Godfrey and Elizabeth Baker, who died at Bytown Sep. 15, 1853, age 6 mos. – near lot 57

FOREST, Edward – Edward Shenton Forest. A member of Christ, a child of the Lord, died June 28, 1854, age 4 mos. – near lot 57

CUMMING, Capt. T., Died Tuesday Dec. 11, 1868, age 4 mos., Thou hast been honourable and I have loved thee. – near lot 123
The death date could have been 1866, really hard to tell for sure.

CUMMING, George and Jessie, aged 5 years, George Edward age 3 years. Children of F. A. and C. Cumming, died Oct. 1853. – near lot 123

CUMMING, George Alex Chambers, only son of T. A. and C. Cumming, died 1857, Dec. 14, 4 years. – near lot 123
161 ….. Samuel, son of Hugh and Sarah – near lot 123

142…..Bertie and Jessie, 1866 and 1868. – near lot 123

I was informed some time ago now, but Reuben Traveller`s body was moved to St. James Cemetery in Hull.  Not sure when.  As they years went by possibly some other bodies were moved to other cemetery`s as well.


  1. PLEASE rewrite this sentence! "Sometimes the surviving family members were no longer surviving, and so there was just no one to claim the deceased."

    And there are at least two ways to spell families/family's. Ask your English teacher if you aren't sure.

  2. That's just a small sample of who wasn't moved. My g g grandfather Mark Berry was buried there and never moved yet he isn't on your list. There's a whole book of burials at the Anglican archives that isn't public and I'm sure other denominations have more.